Tai Pei Buddhist Centre is situated at the junction of Kallang Road and Lavender Street, also commonly known as Gas works. This site was originally the premise of Kwang Fu Primary School which had a history of over 70 years.

In 1985, Tai Pei Foundation assumed ownership and named it Tai Pei Buddhist Centre. It serves to propagate the Buddha's Teachings and educate the general public.

For the past 12 years since 1990, Tai Pei Buddhist Centre has been propagating Dharma teachings, guiding our Buddhist youth, to interact with care for one another and to share their experiences in learning Buddhism.

In 1992, Tai Pei Foundation started the Tai Pei Child Care Centre on the Second Floor of Tai Pei Buddhist Centre. It is a non-profitable organization which has the objective of actualizing a set of management systems to provide a child care service that is suitable to the needs of our children. This centre is open to all children regardless of race, religion and language.

The Centre was officiated on 14 May 1994 by the then Minister for Labour and Second Minister for Defense, Dr. Lee Boon Yang.


The basement of the new Centre is a car park. The hall on the ground floor is three times larger than the previous with a height of 24 feet and a capacity to accommodate 600 people. There are lifts serving on every floor. On the Second floor is the Tai Pei Child Care Centre. The Third floor are the meditation room, administrative office, music room and classrooms. A multipurpose hall that can accommodate 400 people, a meeting room, Computer Information Centre and Library are housed on the fourth floor. It is the desire of the President and the management committee members of Tai Pei Buddhist Centre to fully incorporate information Technology, in our daily operations with the aim to further Buddha's Teachings through Dharma talks and classes.


Tai Pei Buddhist Centre is a non-profitable Buddhist Organization registered with the Registry of Society. It aims to disseminate the Buddha's Teachings as well as to promote and develop Buddhist activites in Singapore. The Centre also welcomes other registered Buddhist organizations to make use of its premises for the purposes of Dharma propagation.

  1. To promote Buddhist culture, education and activities.
  2. To provide a place for learning and interaction among Buddhists.
  3. To provide community services

As the Centre is a non-profitable organization, only nominal fees are collected for the courses and activities that it conducts. All activities that are illegal or related to politics are strongly prhibited.


1st Floor Grand Dharma Hall (Capacity of more than 600)
2nd Floor Child Care Centre
3rd Floor Multi Purpose Classrooms
3rd Floor Meditation Room (Capacity of more than 100 persons)
4th Floor Buddhist library with internet support
4th Floor Event's Hall (Capacity of more than 400)

Sunday Chanting Sessions

Integrating Dharma in our day-to-day living

Eight GuanZhai chanting Sessions

Dharma of the Young

Dharma of the Young

Dharma Talks

Courses on buddha's teachings - Dharma Classes for Adults

The Ceremony

Volunteer Activities

Dabei Family Day


Meditation Courses

The Slik Road