Tai Pei Yuen Temple, formerly known as Kuan Yin Lodge, is located at 7 Jalan Kemaman, off Balestier Road. It has a land area of 24,000 square feet.

Venerable Fatt Kuan is the Chief Abbess of the temple.Venerable Fatt Kuan's mother, Madam Chow Siew Keng in 1938, founded Kuan Yin Lodge. Back then the temple consisted of two wooden houses and one Kuan Yin Statue. It was after the death of her mother that Venerable Fatt Kuan took over the reins at the temple.

Due to the run-down state of the Kuan Yin Lodge, it was torn down in 1961, and a new temple was finally completed after 3 years, in October 1964. The temple was given the new name of Tai Pei Yuen Temple.

Lunar day 1 & 15

The Hua-yen Sutra

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