The Tai Pei Old People's Home was originally sited in the premises of the Tai Pei Yuen Temple (a Buddhist Temple built in 1938), at 7 Jalan kemaman. In December 1982, the Tai Pei Old People's Home was moved to its present location at 10 Jalan Ampas, which adjoins the rear of the Temple.


To provide shelter and care to female aged destitutes regardless of race and religion.

To provide any other welfare programme for the benefit of the elderly in Singapore.

Medical & Nursing Care

The Home has a clinic manned by a doctor, providing emergency coverage and twice a week consultation. Residents are also referred to Government Outpatient Clinic or Hospital for medical treatment, when necessary. Beside the doctor, we have a dietician and a therapist to provide nutritious meals and therapy programmes.

Admission Criteria

  • Female Singapore Citizens or Permanent Resident of Singapore.

  • Has no close relatives who are able and willing to support her.

  • Is on Public Assistance or is a destitute.

  • Any sick persons, requiring nursing care.

  • Is free from infectious diseases or mental illness.

  • Any other requirements which the Management Committee deems necessary.


The Home is a 5 storey building, it has the following facilities:-

  • 43 dormitories

  • A Clinic

  • 2 nurse’s station

  • 2 Physiotherapy rooms

  • An observation room

  • A barrier nursing care unit

  • 2 TV rooms

  • 3 recreation rooms

  • Shrine hall

  • Dining hall

  • Courtyard


The Home has a capacity for 183 Beds for female elderly. The functional status: - Category

  1. Physically and mentally independent.

  2. Semi-ambulant and require some physical assistance.

  3. Wheelchair / bed bound and need help most of the time.

  4. Highly dependent and require total assistance and supervision.

Recreation and Activities

Volunteers from youth groups, school and voluntary organizations pay regular visits and bring the residents for outdoor activities. Residents could also watch TV, VCD entertainment or sew during leisure hours.

Meal Time

Residents are provided with 5 meals daily (Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner and Supper) They can choose either vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals. Ambulant and semi-ambulant residents have their meals in the dining hall or otherwise in their ward.

Non-Financial Information

Last updated: 20.8.2018

Name: Tai Pei Old People's Home
Address: No.10, Jalan Ampas Singapore 329510
Contact Information
Tel: 62552188
Fax: 62552401
Contact: Chairman Ven. Sek Ching Sum
Charity Status
Charity Regn No.: 0070
Charity Regn Date: 21-8-1984
Constitution: Society
Founded Date: 1980
ROS Regn No: ROS 311/80/WEL
Unique entity Number S80SS0149C
IPC Status
Effective Date: 20 Feb 2019 to 19 Feb 2021
Objectives: To provide shelter and nursing care to female aged destitutes, regardless of their race or religion.
No. of Beneficiaries: 180
Programs/Activities: Home for the Aged and Aged Sick
For Current YY: 130
Board Members: The home is administered by a management committee of 16 members with its Chairman being Rev. Sek Ching Sum.
Key Employees: Ven. Sek Tat Sum
Auditor: P G Wee Partnership LLP
Public Accountants and Chartered Accountants
79 Anson Road #07-03
Singapore 079906

Financial Information


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Tai Pei Old People's Home
No.10, Jalan Ampas Singapore 329510.
Tel: 62552188 Fax: 62552401

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